. The fifth planet from the Sun and an important key required for opening the gateway to the Lodges. Jupiter holds an inspriring force and holds positive ancient associations. On the Owl Cave Map/Calendar, Jupiter is depicted by a symbol that looks like the number '4'. The location of the cross on the symbol marks mind's triumph over matter, opposite of Saturn.


Kalispell Woods
. The area where Leland grew up when he was young. Near Ghostwood National Forest.


Laura Palmer's Items
. Everyone who wears anything of Laura Palmer's ends up being influenced by her possessions. Madeleine Ferguson and Donna Hayward fall under Laura's dark influence through Laura's sunglasses. Donna also fell under Laura's influence by wearing Laura's sweater. Laura had made it quite clear that no was to wear her stuff.

Letters Under the Fingernails
. Agent Sam Stanley was the first to discover a letter under Theresa Banks' fingernail. Each victim murdered by Bob had a letter placed under the ring finger fingernail except RONETTE, who was alive but was left with a letter under her fingernail while in the hospital. The specific letters were placed by Bob to spell out his name, Robert.

Little Man From Another Place
. A lodge spirit who spends his time in the Waiting Room. The Little Man is always in a red suit. The Little Man embodies the remains of Mike/One-Armed Man, from the arm that he severed. In the presence of Mike, the Little Man always returns to his place at Mike's left arm. The Little Man has a Doppleganger, since he himself can not pass the test of the Dweller on the Threshold because he is only a part of Mike.

Log Lady
. Margaret Lantermen is known as the Log Lady because she always carries a wooden log in her arms. The wooden log is inhabited by the spirit of her late husband. Margaret has the gift to speak to her husband's spirit in the log and to see visions of the other lodge spirits. Margaret lives alone in a cabin away from the main part of the town of Twin Peaks. Through visions, Margaret helps and guides others.