Red Drapes
. Red drapes define the walls or barriers in the Waiting Room and the Black Lodge. Were seen by Agent Cooper in his dream and was an important clue in hunting for more information in his investigation.

. Lodge ring - a golden ring with an owl glyph carved in a green stone. The ring holds power and protects the wearer from possession. Mike and the Little Man offered the ring to Laura Palmer so that she could protect herself from possession. Those not offered the ring but find it and touch it are sent to the Waiting Room.

Agent Cooper's ring - a golden ring. Taken by the Giant and was returned when the clues he offered were discovered and understood by Agent Cooper.

Ringing Sound
. Sound produced when the lodge spirits are near. Occurs with visions, dreams and at times with Flashing Lights.


. The sixth planet from the Sun and an important key required for opening the gateway to the Lodges. Saturn holds a constrictive force and holds ancient negative associations. On the Owl Cave Map/Calendar, Saturn is depicted by a symbol that looks like a lowercase letter 'h'. The location of the cross on the symbol marks matter ascendant over mind, opposite of Jupiter.

Scorched Engine Oil
. An odor that Bob generates when he is in anger or in a killing rage.

Señor Droolcup
. An old decrepit waiter that works at the Great Northern Hotel who serves as a host for the Giant. Albert Rosenfeld coined the name 'Señor Droolcup' after Agent Cooper's description of the waiter.
See Giant.

Stilted Speech
. Spirit entities within the Waiting Room or the Black Lodge speak in an odd, awkward way. Stilted speech is the character that identifies a spirit entity as opposed to a living person within the Waiting Room or the Black Lodge.

Strobe light
. Associated with the lighting seen is the Black Lodge or whenever the Lodge Spirits are around. See Flashing Lights.


Three-Four Domino
. Hank Jennings carries a three-four domino as a score marker to show how many people he has killed, seven.
See Hank's Domino.

Tibetan Method
. Agent Cooper's process for sorting through collected clues and picking out leads in a case. The method came about from a dream of Agent Cooper's. The method involves throwing a baseball at a bottle after the name of an individual and their relation to the case is revealed aloud. The process itself is very complex and requires an individual to read the names aloud, check the names off and keep the glass bottle upright. The amount of relation to a case an individual holds is related to the impact of the rock on the bottle: jostling the bottle (close), knocking the bottle down (closer) and smashing the bottle (direct).

. Have the capacity to hold spirits, be inhabited by spirits. The Log Lady's log holds the spirit of her dead husband. After death, Josie inhabits the wood throughout the Great Northern Hotel. Trees surround Twin Peaks in many ways: logging industry, Packard Saw Mill, forests, log cabins, pine furniture.

Log Lady
    A log is a portion of a tree. At the end of a crosscut log, many of you know this, there are rings. Each ring represents one year in the life of the tree. How long it takes to a grow a tree!

. The Tremonds, a woman and her grandson, are lodge spirits that appear from time-to-time to offer help but often in the form of a riddle.
See Mrs. Tremond and/or Grandson.

Twelve Sycamores
. The number and kind of trees within Glastonberry Grove that form a circle surrounding a circle of stones that contains a pool of oil.
See Glastonberry Grove.

Twin Peaks City Map
. Taken from the Access Guide to the town of Twin Peaks. The map displays the locations of residences, parks, roadnames and important public buildings.

Twin Peaks Surroundings Map
. Taken from the Access Guide to the town of Twin Peaks. The map displays the locations of Owl Cave, Glastonberry Grove and other structures built away from the town.