Venus de Milo
. A female statue inside the Waiting Room.

. Visions appear to individuals who are either gifted or damned. A vision can offer clues or answers but often in the form of a riddle or a symbol.


Waiting Room
. Similiar to purgatory, where the soul resides until it must pass the test of the Dweller on the Threshold to pass on into the White Lodge or the Black Lodge. The Little Man resides in the Waiting Room.

White Horse
. Appears in visions as a warning of a death. The vision of the white horse can only be seen by the gifted and the damned.

White Lodge
. The White Lodge is the home of the soul with a perfect courage. After the judgement of the Dweller on the Threshold, the soul is passed either to the Black Lodge or the White Lodge. The White Lodge can be identified with its garden or forest-like setting.

Whooping Sound
. Sound produced by the lodge spirits. Little Man claims that the whooping sound is what he sounds like.