Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me movie trailer

Twin Peaks Commercials

    BRAVO cable network Twin Peaks Promos

    A collage of clips from the Twin Peaks series.

    Promo #1

        A 1.8Mb   B 805Kb   C 377Kb   D 161Kb  
             E 629Kb  

        A 872Kb   B 187Kb    C 140Kb    D 85Kb  

    Promo #2 (short)

        A 942Kb   B 411Kb   C 194Kb   D 83Kb  
             E 319Kb  

        A 447Kb   B 99Kb    C 75Kb    D 45Kb  

    Marathon Promo

        A 1.8Mb   B 797Kb   C 379Kb   D 164Kb  
             E 628Kb  

        A 903Kb   B 341Kb   C 140Kb   D 86Kb  

Twin Peaks Parodies

    Simpson's Parody #1

    Taken from the episode Who Shot Mr. Burns Part II.

        A 3.8Mb   B 1.6Mb   D 328Kb   E 1.2Mb  

        A 1.7Mb   B 376Kb   C 288Kb   D 172Kb  

    Simpson's Parody #2

    Taken from the episode Lisa's Sax.

    Simpson's Twin Peaks Reference

    Taken from the episode Bart, the Mother.

        A 813Kb   B 352Kb   C 173Kb   D 76Kb  
             E 277Kb  

        A 442Kb   B 169Kb   C 65Kb   D 42Kb  

    Saturday Night Live Intro Twin Peaks spoof

    Starring Kyle MacLachlan.

        B 7.3Mb   C 3.4Mb   D 1.4Mb   E 5.7Mb  

        A 7.8Mb   B 1.6Mb   C 1.2Mb   D 732Kb  

    Saturday Night Live Twin Peaks parody

    Starring Kyle MacLachlan.

        B 13.9Mb   C 6.5Mb   D 2.7Mb   E 10.8Mb  

        B 3.1Mb     C 2.3Mb   D 1.3Mb  

    Northern Exposure Twin Peaks parody

    Taken from the episode Russian Flu.

        A 7.2Mb   B 3.2Mb   C 1.4Mb   D 620Kb  
             E 2.5Mb  

        A 3.4Mb   B 716Kb   C 532Kb   D 316Kb  

    Clueless Twin Peaks blurb

    A Twin Peaks ‘experience’ mentioned.

        A 1.5Mb   B 674Kb   C 315Kb   D 131Kb  
             E 524Kb  

        A 722Kb   B 152Kb   C 116Kb   D 69Kb