Stilted Speech Controversy

    Waiting Room There was an old claim that if the dialogue spoken by the Little Man was played backward you will hear something like 'I saw Windom Earle.' So I recorded the sounds and reversed them on the computer and discovered that, yes, it does sound a little like 'I saw Windom' but more like 'I saw someone.' Startled by the finding, I went on to record more of the stilted speech dialogue from the movie to see if I could find any other messages and I think I have. I checked the other dialogue lines from the Little Man and though I did hear something, I couldn't make any sense of it.

    Is this a secret message by Lynch or just a coincidence based on the technique for stilted speech? I remembered that the Little Man also had some stilted speech lines in Agent Cooper's dream in episode 2 of Twin Peaks and I was hoping to find messages in the reversed stilted dialogue. After the search, I found the dialog revealed no hidden messages.

    Don't believe it? Then listen to the dialogue samples and judge for yourself.

    Samples from the movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.
    Lodge Meeting Scene (original dialogue)
    Waiting Room Scene (original dialogue)
      Do you know who I am - I am the arm and I sound like this
    Waiting Room Scene (reversed dialogue)
      Sit down right now - my may I - may I look
    E-lec-tric-i-ty (reversed dialogue)
      (Enter ?) - Circle - E
    Lodge Meeting Scene (cut 1 - reversed dialogue)
    Original line: Garbonbozia
      I saw (someone / Windom ?)
    Lodge Meeting Scene (cut 2 - reversed dialogue)
    Original line: This is a formica table
      Let's rock - or - Get a shamrock
    Lodge Meeting Scene (cut 3 - reversed dialogue)
    Original line: With this ring I thee wed
      Merci beu
    Lodge Meeting Scene (cut 4 - reversed dialogue)
    Original line: Green is its color
      What is it you
    Samples from the Twin Peaks series.

    Unlike the movie, the stilted speech used in episode 2 did not reveal any possible hidden messages when played in reverse (as they were originally recorded.)

    Waiting Room Scene (original dialogue)
    Waiting Room Scene (reversed dialogue)
    However, there is another potential case of an interesting message in episode 27. In this episode there is a scene where Major Briggs, under the influence of Haloperidol, begins to reveal some of the secrets to the lodges to Windom Earle but ends up speaking gibberish before he could finish. This 'gibberish' when played backwards offers an interesting potential hidden message. Mind you its in episode 27 where several people have their right hand tremble uncontrollably.

    Major Briggs' speech (original dialogue)
      ... they will receive you. Tat - mok - nuie - neya - nemok - nea ...
    Major Briggs' speech (reversed dialogue)
      (my / a ?) - hand - coming - in - my