. Manipulated by lodge spirits whenever they are present or when an object or person they are involved with is present. Electricty is used by lodge spirits as a way to travel. Lights and ceiling fans are the most common objects manipulated by electricity from the lodge spirits.

Eyes, Opaque or Cloudy
. The Doppleganger can be identified within the Waiting Room or Black Lodge by the condition of their eyes. A Doppleganger has opaque or cloudy eyes.


Flashing Lights
. Often occurs in the presence of lodge spirits or around events in which they were involved. Flashing lights are related to the lodge spirits effect on Electricity. The Black Lodge can be identified with Flashing lights.

Formica Table
. A message - the wonder of materiality. test test test test test test test


. Garmonbozia is extracted and collected from the fear and suffering of people. The substance, similiar to cream corn, is used as food by Mike, Bob and the Little Man.

Ghostwood Forest
. The thick, dark woods just outside of Twin Peaks. Glastonberry Grove, Owl Cave and Dead Dog Farm lie within Ghostwood Forest.

Sheriff Truman
    There's a sort of evil out there. Something very, very strange in these old woods. Call it what you want. A darkness, a presence.

. An inhabiting spirit. The Giant inhabits the body of Señor Droolcup. The Giant is a kind, helpful spirit akin to the Chalfonts/Tremonds spirits. The Giant only makes his appearance to Agent Cooper in visions. Unlike Mike or the Chalfonts/Tremonds, the Giant is the most helpful spirit to Agent Cooper.

Glastonberry Grove
. A circle of twelve sycamore trees with a ring of stones with a pool of oil in its center. Glastonberry Grove is situated within Ghostwood National Forest. Glastonberry Grove is the gateway to the Waiting Room and the Lodges but it is only open upon the Conjuction of Jupiter and Saturn. The Owl Cave map/calender mark the gateway and the time it is open.

. A lodge spirit that appears alongside his grandmother Mrs. Tremond/Chalfont. Appeared to Laura Palmer as Chalfont and to Donna as Tremond. The Grandson is a helpful spirit and holds some magical abilities.


. A truth serum and tranqualizer. Applied with a syringe, haloperidol is used to depress the central nervous system. Mr. Gerard, 'the One Armed-Man', uses haloperidol to control and suppress Mike, his inhabiting spirit. One of the clues from the Giant, 'without chemicals he points.' Windom Earle uses haloperidol to extract information from Major Briggs.

Hands Trembling
. Occurs when the gateway is breached with the near conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. With the gateway partially open, Bob attempts to 'try on' different hosts.

Hank's Domino
. Hank Jennings wears a domino as a score marker to show the number of people he has killed. He has worn the domino in a keychain and as a part of an ornament on a bola neck tie.