. The host is a mask for the inhabiting spirit. A mask was used by Windom Earle as a message to thwart Agent Cooper.

. An inhabiting spirit that dwells in the body of Philip Michael Gerard also known as the 'One-Armed Man'. Without periodic medical shots of Haliperidol, Mike surfaces and assumes control of the body. Mike has one mission - to stop Bob. Mike and Bob used to be friends in crime, killing and consuming. However, Mike was purfied after seeing God and chopped off the left arm of his host which had a tattoo, Fire Walk With Me.

Mini Tape Recorder
. Used by Agent Cooper to record thoughts aloud, work related details for costs, the case, requests, insights and even conversation. The recordings that Agent Cooper makes are mailed to the FBI headquarters where 'Diane', a coworker, listens to them and responds accordingly by supplying Agent Cooper with his needs and recording the details for records.

Mrs. Tremond
. A lodge spirits that appears alongside her grandson from time-to-time to offer help but often in the form of a riddle. Appeared to Laura Palmer as Chalfont and to Donna as Tremond. See Grandson, Chalfont.



. In the words of the Log Lady, "Oil leads to a gateway." Within the circle of rocks, within the circle of trees at Glastonberry Grove, is a pool of oil which marks the gateway to the Waiting Room and the Lodges. The Log Lady's late husband discovered the gateway and brought back a jar of the oil from the gateway. The oil smells like scorched engine oil and that happens to be the smell that Bob generates when in anger or in a killing rage.

One-Armed Man
. Philip Michael Gerard is known as the 'One-Armed Man' because he has lost his left arm. Mr. Gerard is the host for Mike, an inhabiting spirit. Mr. Gerard is a traveling shoe salesman and requires periodic medical shots of Haliperidol. Without the shots of Haliperidol Mike is then allowed to surface and control his body.

Owl Cave
. Within Ghostwood National Forest is cave known as Owl Cave. It is significant for its ancient native American pictoglyphs left carved in stone walls of the cave. It is known as Owl Cave because owls inhabit the cave. By accident, Deputy Andy Brennan struck a pick axe at a pictoglyph on the wall, while shooing an attacking owl away. The pictoglyph that was struck operated a hidden mechanism and revealed a pole in the cache with another pictoglyph on it. Windom Earle noted that the pictoglyph on the pole was upside down and so turned the pole to upright the symbol. Turning the symbol operated another hidden mechanism which toppled part of the cave wall to reveal the Owl Cave Map/Calender.

Owl Cave Map / Calender
. An ancient native American pictoglyph carved into the stone wall of Owl Cave. As a map it shows the location of the gateway to the Lodges, Glastonberry Grove. As a calendar it tells the time when the gateway will be open with the glyphs of Jupiter and Saturn. The gateway itself only exists at a certain point in space and time given by the details of the map/calendar.

. Numerous and always watching from the trees. Owls are the eyes and vehicles for Bob.

    The owls are not what they seem.


. Lodge spirits require a human host in order to function as other people outside of the lodge. When the gateway is closed, possession is only possible when the potential host allows the spirit to enter. When the gateway is open, the lodge spirits can pick and choose any potential host.

Project Bluebook
. Air Force investigation into UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects.) Even though the project was officially disbanded, unofficially the investigation continues. Project Bluebook specifically looked up to the heavens but in Twin Peaks the search was aimed at the ground below in search of the White Lodge. Windom Earle was once part of the program and became obssessed with the material and for the search for the power of the Black Lodge. Major Garland Briggs leads the project in Twin Peaks.