What are Transcripts?


First of all, television shows, movies, plays and other such works use scripts to define the scene to be displayed or produced along with the action and dialogue used by the actors. Scripts often go through multiple revisions as scenes or dialogue are improved or evolve. A script is usually produced before the show is made.


Transcripts are derived from capturing the dialogue and descriptions of events that occur in a show. Unlike scripts, transcripts are made after the show is produced. Transcripts retell a show exactly as it appears on screen or in a theater. Directors at times will ad lib to a final shooting script (especially David Lynch as he finds inspiration as he shoots - ex. the discovery for the actor to play Bob.) Directors and editors will also cut filmed scenes from movies and television that were included in the final shooting script but were cut for various reasons (ex. running time, flow disruption.) Actors don't always say their lines exactly or perform the correct actions. Actors sometimes ad lib, present different but relating dialogue or simply mess up their lines and actions. So transcripts often end up being different from the original scripts. Transcripts can suffer from misinterpretation of the dialogue or events in a show and can not match the detail or insight provided in the original script.

Transcription Process

Most of the transcripts you find here are made by first recording the television show dialogue, music and sound effects on audio tape. At the computer, the audio tape is played on a portable cassette player and the dialogue is slowly typed into a word processor. Often the audio tape is rewound and played back to clarify the dialogue. With the dialogue complete, the video tape is played in small intervals as the action (actors, scene or site description) from the show is slowly turned into descriptive passages in the transcript.

Series Transcribed

The transcripts found at this site are extracted from the BRAVO presentation of the series. The BRAVO presentation of the Twin Peaksseries were unique in that it included the addition of the Log Lady introductions before every episode.