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Twin Peaks the series

Twin Peaks first aired on the ABC television network in April of 1990. The show ran for two seasons, and ended in June of 1991 to produce a pilot and 28 episodes. The show was created and produced by David Lynch and Mark Frost. Lynch and Frost were also responsible for some of the writing, directing, acting and music direction. Twin Peaks defies simple description: murder mystery, soap opera spoof, comedy, supernatural drama, homages to classic movies and other cultural icons. Twin Peaks offers an engaging experience in a combination unlike any that has been seen before on television.

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Twin Peaks the movie

In the fall of 1992, the movieTwin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me was released to theaters. The movie was created as a prequel to the series and filled the details of the events that led to the murder that the television series only touched on through detective work. Unfortunately, the movie did poorly in theaters and plans for a second movie were cancelled. But since the movie was released, fans have been hoping to view the deleted scenes from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. For more details click here.

Video List
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Log Lady Intros

In 1994, the BRAVO cable network rebroadcast the show for two years. The BRAVO rebroadcasts included a new addition to the series, introductions by the Log lady. The short introductions were summaries for each episode that provided yet just another riddle to be unraveled.

Never seen the series?

If you have never seen the show Twin Peaks, I would urge you to rent, buy or borrow a copy of the series and the movie and watch them. Although there are scripts and transcripts of the show online, they lack the full experience that can be derived from the show's writing, direction, music, acting, story and mystery.

History of this site

The Glastonberry Grove webpage was first created in the fall of 1997. The first iteration offered the conjunction countdown, transcripts and some music files. The current page is the second iteration that offers an animated conjunction countdown, a jukebox for listening to the music files, more transcripts (in an improved format), a list and explanation of Twin Peaks mythologies and references plus links to message boards, chat rooms, web pages and the newsgroup alt.tv.twin-peaks.

Why build a web page for the show? Sheer joy and love. No other show has ever had such an impact on me - the music, the fear, the mood, the mystery. The show is filled with references but vague with multiple sources. However, it was the experience of the show that hooked me. In school, I found the show and the material it covered to be inspiring for a project on necrotecture.

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