Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
Deleted Scenes

These scenes and many others were cut out of a potential 3 hour and 40 minute version of the movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. There were so many character cuts that although the movie was well done, it seemed to lack the complete "Twin Peaks" feel. The combination of so many quirky characters gave us that true feeling of Twin Peaks. Below is a list of all the characters that have already filmed their parts but were cut ...

Sheriff Harry S. Truman

Deputy Tommy 'The Hawk' Hill

Doctor Jacoby

Doctor Will Hayward

Josie Packard

'Big Ed' Hurley

Benjamin Horne

Silvia Horne

Major Garland Briggs
Deputy Andy Brennan

Lucy Moran

Eileen Hayward

Pete Martell

Nadine Hurley

Jerry Horne

Johnny Horne

Betty Briggs

These scenes were filmed and as far as we know, still exist. A look into the deleted scenes from TP: FWWM may be the last we will ever see of anything "new" from Twin Peaks. These characters plus a number of extra scenes (including a couple of scenes taking place after the last episode) would make our last trip into the world of Twin Peaks a complete trip. Visit the site below and fill out a response. We may be able to make this trip happen.