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This page attempts to explain the mythology of items, places and people in Twin Peaks. Interpretations are the result of discussions with the Twin Peaks newsgroup. If you disagree or have a different interpretation then please share it at the newsgroup or at a message board for discussion.



Black Lodge
. The Black Lodge is the home of the condemned soul. After the judgement of the Dweller on the Threshold, the soul is passed either to the Black Lodge or the White Lodge. The Black Lodge can be identified with Flashing Lights within the dark confines of the Waiting Room. It is in the Black Lodge that most of the Dopplgangers appear. The Black Lodge is notable for producing a sense of fear.

Blue Rose Cases
. Blue rose cases are the designation or codeword for unusual or unexplained FBI cases under Gordon Cole's leadership. Gordon Cole always sends his top Special Agents to inspect and attempt to solve such cases. Another television show prefers to call such cases X-Files.

. Bob is an inhabiting spirit and makes use of people's bodies as a host to his parasitic possession. Bob makes use of Owls to watch over others and to move around. Without a host Bob is trapped in the Black Lodge and can only escape when a doorway, at Glastonberry Grove, is open according to the calendar/map at Owl Cave. Only the gifted and the damned can see a vision of Bob.

Bob is Bob.
Eager for fun.
He wears a smile.
Everybody run.


. The Chalfonts, a woman and her grandson, are lodge spirits that appear from time-to-time to offer help but often in the form of a riddle.
See Mrs. Tremond and/or Grandson.

. Through the darkness of futures past.
The magician longs to see.
One chants out between two worlds.
Fire Walk With Me.

The chant is used by Bob when he kills and when he moves.

. Chess is a private and deadly game that is played between Agent Cooper and former agent Windom Earle. Using the personal section of the newspaper, Windom places ads to pass the messages of his moves on the chess board. As Agent Cooper loses pieces on the chess board, Windom kills a person that has some relating quality to a woman who was once his wife and Cooper's love.

Chewing Gum
. Chewing gum is one of the clues from Agent Cooper's dream of the Waiting Room.

    That gum you like is going to ... come back in style.

The clue is a keyword for Agent Cooper to recall his dream.

. The single most popular drink consumed in Twin Peaks.

. The doorway to the Waiting Room and the Lodges is always closed until, according to the Owl Cave Map/Calendar, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. The conjunction of the two planets produces great shifts in power and fortune.

Cream Corn
. The substance, also know as Garmonbozia, is used as food by Mike, Bob and the Little Man. See Garmonbozia.


Dalai Lama
. The leader of the Tibetan Bonpas sect. Agent Cooper often recalls the plight and history of Tibet, the Dalai Lama and the Buddhist. Tibet and the Dalai Lama have been an inspiration for Agent Cooper.

Dead Dog Farm
. A real estate property that lies just outside of Ghostwood Forest. By chance flip of a coin, and where it fell, Agent Cooper is led to the house on the property and to the Dead Dog Legend.

Dead Dog Legend
. An old legend and a clue to the workings of the lodges.
    Of all the people in the world the best and the worst are drawn to a dead dog. Most turn away. Only those with the purest of heart can feel its pain and somewhere in between the rest of us struggle.

. Laura Palmer's diary held clues vital to the investigation of her death but some of the pages of her diary were ripped out. Unknown to the killer, Laura had a second duplicate diary that she left in the care of Harold Smith.

. The shadow self. One's darker, evil side. Everyone has a Doppleganger in the Black Lodge.

Double-Three Domino
. Hank Jennings carries a double-three domino as a score marker to show how many people he has killed, six. See Hank's Domino.

. Dreams offer messages, clues, prescience visions, riddles and answers. It is through dreams that Agent Cooper finds ways to solve problems. It is through dreams that Laura Palmer communicates to Agent Cooper. Agent Cooper's Tibetan Method came about from a dream.

. Ancient evil sorcers that lived in Tibet along side but opposite of the Dalai Lama and his sect, the Bonpas. Windom Earle refers to them in explaining the dark power of the Black Lodge.

Dweller on the Threshold
. When a person dies their soul is sent to the Waiting Room where they will be judged. If a person has an imperfect soul and falls to their fears then they are condemned to the Black Lodge. If a person has a perfect soul and braves their fears then they will pass onto the White Lodge. It is the reality of ones fears and weaknesses as they are tested and their soul is on the verge of Inhilation.