Way too long a time between updates! i really miss working on this site. i never finished adding content to this site and now i would love to overhaul to a new design especially the code. Sadly no new content. Just some badly needed updates to the Discussion section.

    Thanks to Pol Van Acoleyen for converting the html books of both Laura's Diary and Cooper's Autobiography into formatted PDF. Both have been added to the Texts section.

    Added corrections to the transcript for episode 8 in the Texts section. i'd like to thank Stephen Siener for correction the line "Begin the Beguine" spoken by Leland after he is revived at the Hayward house during the dinner party. Stephen also adds "Begin the Beguine, was a Cole Porter song used in the musical, Broadway Melody of 1940. So he may have been requesting a song. Also, beguine's definition: a vigorous popular dance of the islands of Saint Lucia and Martinique that somewhat resembles the rumba."

    Added the screenplay for episode 28 to the Texts section. Some corrections for the html screenplay of episode 27.

    Added the sound file and lyrics to The Twelve Day Of Christmas Twin Peaks parody sung by a few cast members to the Texts section and Media section.

    Added the screenplay for episode 25 to the Texts section.

    Added the corrections to transcripts 6 and 7 submitted by Sihaya Barton. Thank you again.

    Also added a link to a fan's journey through several Twin Peaks sites.

    Added two books, The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer and The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes, to the Texts section. Special thanks to Scannerdarkly for providing both books.

    Finally! Glastonberry Grove is now on a new server courtesy of my new host Site5.com. i now have plenty of web space so all the movies are back online. i now also have plenty of room to grow - i've got lots to scan, record, encode and code. Passing through the code checking the links i've realized that this site needs a lot of work.

    After months of waiting after the purchase i've finally received my box of Twin Peaks scripts! i'd like to thank you Amanda for finally sending the scripts to me. Now i've got a lot of scanning to do. The screenplay for episode 8 can be found in the Texts section.

    There will be a Twin Peaks related event at this coming DragonCon 2001 Sci-Fi expo in Atlanta. The event, called "Twin Peaks: A Retrospective", will be held at 7 pm on Saturday, Sept. 1st.

    Added Rebecca Paiva's The White Lodge to the links section.

    Those jerks at crosswinds.net finally pulled the plug on my old site address. So links to the movies are gone until i get my own server running. It going to be a hassle because some people aren't going to be able to find this site through all those old bookmarks and links. Plus i've lost access to that old email address as well. i don't know how long it will take until i can get a public IP address so that i can start up my own server.

    Thanks to Luzian Scherrer i corrected the problem with the corrupt files for the music notation sheets. i've just started implementing CSS.

    Added the preview issue of the Twin Peaks Gazette to the Texts section. Updated the message boards, newsgroup and email discussion listing in the Discussion Section to include:

    Twin Peaks' LiveJournal

    AboutLynch.com Forum

    Forum sur David Lynch

    Added the rest of the music notation sheets to the Texts section. Added three photos (Double R Diner, Laura's Prom Pic and a Doughnut) to the Multimedia section. Updated the message boards, newsgroup and email discussion listing in the Discussion Section.

    Finally! Although still in transition and not housed on a personal server, Glastonberry Grove is mostly off of awful Crosswinds.net. Access and downloads should be much faster but i'm limited on server space so the entire site (the Multimedia section) is not together yet and is unfortunately still at Crosswinds.net. But i'm hoping to get my own server online within a month.

    The Twin Peaks Fan Fest 2001 will be held August 17-19. Check out their homepage for details.

    Sheet music for the Twin Peaks Theme can be found in the newly renamed Twin Peaks Texts section (replacing the Transcripts section.)

    Many minor updates to the Discussion section, Broadcast information in the Information section and cleaning up some of the main files to improve download speed.

    i've been very busy lately but i just had to add these two very important dates:

    German TP Party

    A German Twin Peaks Party will be held April 14th at:

    47445 Moers (NRW)

    For further info check out A Tribute To Twin Peaks webpage.

    Plus there's another major convention coming next year, the Damn Fine Convention which will run from May 3rd to the 6th in 2002. For more details check out the official Damn Fine Convention website by Russ Phillips.

    Headaches, headaches, headaches ... My host provider replaced their servers last week and in the process they completely erased my site. So it might take me a couple of days to reload everything.

    Added another curious reversed message to the Multimedia Section. And also added another music sample, Questions In A World Of Blue (sax and piano, no vocals), to the Jukebox.

11/19/00 10/27/00 10/25/00
    Added 'How Frank Silva became Bob' to the newly named Twin Peaks Specific section in the Reference Section.
    Added more to the Native American Indian section and added a Celestial section for some info on Jupiter and Saturn in the Reference Section.
10/22/00 10/15/00 10/9/00
    Added info about Glastonbury and some Native American legends to the Reference Section. Plus added a new site to the Links Section.

    Twin Peaks Rummy
    Site describes how to play a new TP game utilizing the TP collectible card set.
    Added a new insight, thanks to Josh Hilburn, into the reversed speech of 'Electricty' in the Media Section.

    An important message for any David Lynch fans in Glasgow, Scotland:
    A David Lynch fan event, called 'Peachy Keen', is being held on the evening of September 24th at Bar Jed-i, 239 North St. Activities: Leland Palmer's Krazy Golf, Killer Bob Bingo, Lynch Visuals and Music. If you want more info either pop into the bar or e-mail Ash.
9/12/00 9/6/00 8/14/00 8/4/00
    BRAVO cable network Twin Peaks Marathon promo movie added to the Twin Peaks Multimedia section. Added the Twin Peaks Theme mobile phone ringer scripts to the Twin Peaks Multimedia section. Due to popular demand, the Bob animation has returned to the center link on the main page.

    Replaced Webring interface. Added Marcus's Twin Peaks themed MP3 Player Skin to the Twin Peaks Multimedia section.

    Removed countdown for the end of conjunction timeframe. Replaced with link to this section and important Twin Peaks related dates.

    Update countdown for the current conjunction timeframe. Rearrange site layout - moved information section from Transcripts section to merge and replace the Introduction section.

    Northern Exposure Twin peaks parody and Clueless Twin Peaks blurb movies added to the Twin Peaks Multimedia section.

    BRAVO cable network Twin Peaks promo #2, Saturday Night Live spoof and parody movies added to the Twin Peaks Multimedia section.