Twin Peaks Movies

    Media clips from commercials and parodies.

Twin Peaks Music

    Music clips from homages and parodies.
12 Days of Xmas
The Twelve Days Of Christmas (4:07) 6.3Mb
By Twin Peaks cast members

Parody of The Twelve Days Of Christmas.
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Off The Deep End
I Can't Watch This
By "Weird Al" Yankovic

A jab at Twin Peaks by Weird Al.
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Stilted Speech Controversy

    Did Lynch leave a secret message in the stilted speech in the show? Or is it just a coincidence based on the technique for stilted speech. Find out for yourself.

Twin Peaks Photos

    Print out for flyers, as a photo or on iron-on transfer paper and make your own tshirts.
Cooper and Truman on Patrol
The Bob flyer

Double R Diner
Laura Prom Photo
Double R Diner
Laura Palmer's Prom Photo


Twin Peaks Icons

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Twin Peaks Mobile Phone Ringer

Twin Peaks MP3 Player Skin

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Twin Peaks Video Game Map

    A Black Lodge theme map for the Duke Nukem 3D video game.

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